I am Brian Hodge, CEO of Aim High Pest Management. I have worked in the pest management industry for 30 years. I was born in Oakdale CA, and am the fouth generation of my family to live and work there. I spent the summers in Oakdale with my cousin and grandparents until age 10. I moved to Germany, then England as an Air Force dependent then went back to Germany when I joined the USAF myself. I have a beautiful wife and daughter with lots of family in the Central Valley.

Aim High provides expert pest management services in partnership with our customers. Aim High is special because it is locally owned and operated, providing very experienced, “hands-on” pest control service and customer support. We also work to educate our customers in order to maximize the effectiveness of our service, through proper sanitation and exclusion management. We keep the pests outside of your house, where they belong.

Brian Hodge, CEO
Brian Hodge

Photo by Dean Calma / IAEA licensed under CC BY 2.0.